Sharing our Boat Building Project at the 2020 Virtual Wooden Boat Festival

It’s exciting to be part of the Wooden Boat Festival tradition.
This year the Virtual Wooden Boat Festival is different than the live festival, but full of fascinating content. So many interesting talks, movies, video tours of boats and boat shops, and more from far and wide. The virtual version offers unique opportunities to see boats, boatbuilders, museums, and projects from all over the world. You can enjoy much of it until October 19th. Tickets at

Garth Wilcox and I hosted a Zoom Room on Saturday September 12th to share the latest from our boat building project.

We shared photos of our boat building adventures with details about Garth Wilcox’s design and this construction of the 38-foot wooden sailboat with a lifting keel and rudder that he’s envisioned. Unfortunately our session wasn’t recorded. For those who missed it, there is a link to unnarrated slides from our show: An overview of the design and construction of Garth Wilcoxs’ Geedub38, a 38-foot plywood cruising boat with a lifting keel and rudder.  (Construction progress as of August 2020. Keep in mind, this is a work in progress and, since we work on it every day, these photos are already out of date.)

Don’t miss all the other great events which you can still see if you hurry. Below are a few highlights. Some of my old talks on our voyages and panel discussions (and designer panels that Garth Wilcox has also participated in) can be watched at anytime. Most are available via links on the Adventure Stage.

Here’s an article I wrote about the festival for 48North Magazine:

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