Speaking with Confidence

Reading at University Bookstore

Wendy Hinman is a sought-after speaker who has been presenting throughout the country for a number of years. She frequently presents her entertaining tales at libraries and private clubs around the US. She also regularly presents at yacht clubs and national boat shows. She has presented at writers conferences on the craft of writing as well as Marketing Your BookThe Pleasures and Pitfalls of Indie Publishing, and Getting your Book Into the Hands of Readers.

She has spoken at the Seattle University’s Search for Meaning Conference about Creating the Life You Want and to other groups on Turning Dreams into Reality.

With years of experience presenting, she has weathered all sorts of presentation venues and snafus, and has adapted her talks to suit the needs of various organizations. She is a former President of Toastmasters and used Toastmasters to help refine her skills.

Here she shares tips for Speaking with Confidence.

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