Book Reviews

Book Reviews by Wendy Hinman: (Some favorites)
The Road to San Donato by Robert Cocuzzo, Foreword Reviews
On Wings of a Lion by Susan Wakeford Angard, Clarion Reviews
Cooperative Lives by Patrick Finegan, Clarion Reviews
Borderline Citizen by Robin Hemley, Foreword Reviews
The Girlfriend Mom by Dani Alpert, Clarion Reviews
Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker by Katherine Snow Smith, Foreword Reviews
Little Anton 3-Part Series by John W. Warner IV, Clarion Reviews
Prince of Mournful Thoughts by Caroline Kim, Foreword Reviews
The Wind Traveler by Alonso Cueto and translated by Frank Wynne and Jessie Mendez Sayer, Foreword Reviews
My Little Town by D. B. Tipmore, Foreword Reviews
Midnight’s Borders by Suchitra Vijayan, Foreword Reviews, Starred Review *
Racing for America by James C. Nicholson, Foreword Reviews
Big Bad by Whitney Collins, Foreword Reviews, Starred Review *
Becoming a Democracy by Kristin Eberhard, Clarion Reviews
Anyone for Edmund? by Simon Edge, Foreword Reviews
The Secret History of Here by Alistair Moffatt, Foreword Reviews, Starred Review *
Skiing Into the Bright Open by Liv Arnesen, Foreword Reviews
Murder Most Fair by Anna Lee Huber, Foreword Reviews
In the Name of Emmet Till by Robert H. Mayer, Foreword Reviews
Life Lived Wild by Rick Ridgeway, Foreword Reviews
However Long the Day by Justin Reed, Foreword Reviews
Fugutive Colours by Nancy Bilyeau, Foreword Reviews
Birds, Beasts and Bedlam by Derek Gow, Foreword Reviews
A Time of Birds by Helen Moat, Foreword Reviews
Hazelet’s Journal Travel Edition: A Riveting Alaska Gold Rush Saga George Cheever Hazelet,
J. H. Clark (Editor), Clarion Reviews (Winner Indies Award Travel Honorable Mention)
Stay Cool: Why Dark Comedy Matters In The Fight Against Climate Change by Aaron Sachs, Foreword Reviews
Torrents As Yet Unknown: Daring Whitewater Ventures Into The World’s Great River Gorges by Wickliffe W. Walker, Foreword Reviews

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