Wendy Hinman @Seattle Boat Show 2022

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Once again I look forward to participating in the Seattle Boat Show. I plan to present on Friday 2/4 and Sunday 2/6 and spend weekend days signing my books in the nautical bookstore booth up on the concourse.

Seattle Boat Show FEBRUARY04 – FEBRUARY12 | 2022

My Seminars will be:
Friday February 4, 2pm Cruising the Inside Passage through BC and SE Alaska * (Or watch online later with the show package.)

Cruising the Inside Passage through BC to Alaska: Wendy Hinman will share highlights cruising to Glacier Bay, Alaska and back. These remote cruising grounds feature natural phenomena like glaciers, waterfalls, and hot springs; as well as wildlife including whales, bears, otters and more; and a native culture like no other. Get a taste for the possibilities and how to make the most of the time you have to enjoy them. This talk will include favorite spots, tips for trip planning, an overview of resources available, and potential pitfalls to help you prepare.

Sunday February 6, 1pm Keeping Your Relationship Afloat *
(Or watch online later with the show package.)
Keeping Your Relationship Afloat: A happy crew makes for a happy voyage. Venturing off in a boat puts new pressures on even well-established relationships. Don’t let 24/7 start feeling like a life sentence. Learn techniques for addressing the diverse needs of a crew and dissipating tension aboard so that you can enjoy the places you visit and an unusual way of traveling there. Wendy Hinman, award winning author of Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials, shares the wisdom she gathered during her 7-year 34,000 mile voyage aboard her 31-foot cutter as well as years racing and cruising in all manner of boats with her husband and others. She discusses how to find balance in a small, sometimes violently rocking environment, while facing the new challenges that cruising can present and keeping a sense of humor. A happy crew makes for a happy voyage. How to balance diverse personalities and needs aboard.

** NOTE: You can watch the presentations online with the Boat Show Package. If you purchase the Seminar package for the 2022 Seattle Boat Show. Your pass includes an admission pass that will get you into all 9 days of the show, February 4th through the 12th, a Waggoner Guide, a Boat U.S. membership, and 3-month access to all recorded fishing, boating, and sailing seminars (including Boat Show University classes!). If you haven’t purchased your $99 Seattle Boat Show Seminar & 9-Day Pass package yet, click here to order. Please complete your registration for the Seminar Library website below, and be sure to provide your mailing address so we can ship you the Waggoner Guide and Boat U.S. Membership.

Speaker Bio:
Wendy Hinman has published articles in a variety of publications and is the award-winning author of two hit books: Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials. She is a regular speaker at yacht clubs and boat shows around the country and her presentations are filled with examples and infused with humor. She grew up sailing and has cruised and raced in venues around the globe in all sorts of boats as skipper and crew, sometimes winning. She spent seven years at sea, sailing 34,000 miles aboard a small, simple boat and learned the most essential ingredient aboard is a good sense of humor. She and her husband are currently building a boat for more cruising adventures. www.wendyhinman.com

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