On News Stands Now … in Pacific Yachting magazine March 2023

In the March 2023 issue of Pacific Yachting magazine is an article about a scary hiking accident while cruising in Princess Louisa in the wilds of Canada.

Into the Slippery Mist
by Wendy Hinman

“Before hiking, we grinned next to a big yellow sign that read:

“Caution: Access to Trapper’s Cabin. This route is not maintained or signed. It is strenuous and potentially hazardous. The hike to the cabin (elevation 550M) is about 2 hours one way.”

It would be tough, but we were avid hikers, eager to tackle the steep trail.

My husband Garth and I planned a three-week cruise in BC with catamaran owners Laura and Brian. During our second week, Jim and Debbie joined us in Nanaimo from Los Angeles. It was late October, so we urged them to bring warm clothes and be ready for an adventure.
Then news warned of a Bomb Cyclone: a forecasted atmospheric river could intensify into what’s also known as a winter hurricane.”

. . .

What occurred was a scary accident that we were grateful to have lived through, but wouldn’t want to repeat.

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