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Welcome to Salsa Press Publishing! If you love stories, you’ll find some great ones here. We’ve published multiple award-winning titles that have garnered accolades from many readers.

Salsa Press publishes stories about daring, can-do people who pursue their dreams with vigor, optimism, and creativity and aim to create the kind of world they want to inhabit. In times of upheaval and uncertainty, stories help us make sense of the world and broaden our horizons. They infuse empathy and inspire us. * Note: Salsa Press is not currently taking on any new manuscripts.

Our Mission:
Salsa Press is passionate about stories that offer a taste of adventure and history, with an eye towards creating the life you want to live and redefining the world for the greater good. We aim to foster compelling stories that transport readers to new worlds and open possibilities. We love travel stories, stories that explore history, culture and geography and the lessons we can take from them, and how-to guides that help us reach higher and farther. Mostly we celebrate stories that inspire. The idea of turning dreams into reality excites us and our titles are focused on turning plot-twists into opportunities. As we like to say, “Adventure is the spice of life. Bring on the spice!” We publish fiction and non-fiction, serious and funny stories.

Our Titles So Far:

Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire *Available in paperback, eBook, and audio formats.

Earned a Kirkus starred review. Named a Kirkus Best Book and Foreword Reviews Best Book. Named a Readers Favorite. Finalist International Book Awards.

“A shipwreck might end a dream of circumnavigating the globe. Not for the Wilcox family. To triumph, they must rebuild their boat on a remote Pacific island. Damage sustained on the reef and a lack of resources haunt them the rest of the way around the world as they face wild weather, pirates, gun boats, mines and thieves, scurvy and starvation in a trial that tests them to their limits. A timeless true story of grit and resilience.”

Listen to a sample clip of the day the Wilcox family set off on their epic round-the-world voyage. Only 13 months later they’d be shipwrecked on a remote island in the South Pacific. Listen here.

Shipwreck! Listen to what happened when their boat Vela struck a reef off the coast of Fiji.

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Tightwads on the Loose: A Seven-Year Pacific Odyssey *Available in paperback, eBook, and audio formats. Winner of Journey Award for best non-fiction adventure. Named a Readers Favorite.

Tightwads on the Loose: A Seven Year Pacific Odyssey
by Wendy Hinman
ISBN 978-0984835003
$19.95 Paperback edition 386 Pages
The book features photos, a book club reader’s guide and an interview with the author.
Also available in eBook format.
Available through independent booksellers or More than 145 reviews on Amazon, mostly 5 star reviews.

Tightwads on the Loose tells the story of Wendy and Garth, lured to sea by the promise of adventure. They buy a 31-foot boat that fits their budget better than it fits Garth’s large frame and set sail for an open-ended voyage, never imagining they’d be gone seven years, or cover 34,000 miles at the pace of a fast walk. They live without most “necessities” and learn that teamwork and a sense of humor matter most as they face endless “character-building opportunities.”

Listen to an audio sample of our initial foray offshore at the start of our 7-year pacific odyssey. Narrated by Robin Karno.

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More titles to come.

* Note: Salsa Press is not taking on any new manuscripts at this time.

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