What readers are saying about Tightwads on the Loose:

The cover of Tightwads on the Loose

Neil Sirman “In my humble opinion, your book is really bloody good! good “voice”, you are believable, personable, convincing, sympathetic, and I especially enjoy the way you chose words in some sentences that make me pause and reread the passage to savor your insight and intelligence. I finished your fine book in the early hours of the morning. I consider it to be perhaps the best of all the voyaging books I have read.”

Patricia de la Bretonne “I am soooo blown away and in awe, first of all about the amazing journey you were on, and then the wonderfully amazing book you wrote about it!”

Jeanne Verville “I can’t express my awe at your adventure, your decision to live in the moment, to leave behind the trivia that makes up so much of an ordinary day. What courage you and Garth have! I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams ever even considering a short leg of your journey. Thank you for providing a role model for following your dreams. Thank you for writing about your experience so I could share it (from the comfort of my cozy lair).”

Dana Greyson “I really loved your book. Even though “The Spice Necklace” is written by a former magazine editor, the quality of your writing is much better. My husband practically devoured your book, even ducking out of work some to do so.”

Wayne Johnson “Your book is marvelous! It puts your readers right there alongside you and Garth with all the ups and downs, troubles and triumphs which that trip generated. I think it deserves a movie!”

Toni Haley “Though I’m not a 7 year cruiser, I do so love to travel and identified with so many aspects of the book — the heat, the fatigue, the entry into a new place, the change in how time is measured, the strange foods, the getting about by feet/scooter or whatever, the forgetting about “home”, the not wanting to return (but sometimes wanting to get the hell out of where you are), the weariness, the fear, the being cheated or preyed upon, the language barriers, the language connections, the people, the cost, the wondering, the ever changing landscape and attitudes, the delight of so many new things and ways of being …….”

Kim Dueringer “I’ve loved your book. It’s like dessert. I’ve looked forward to reading each section at the end of a busy day.”

PJ Baker “My book club chose your book and I’m so happy about that because I can’t wait to talk about it with them. I couldn’t put it down.”

Star A. Keithley “Tightwads on the Loose is one of the best books I’ve ever read! If anyone ever wants to tour the Pacific Ocean, this is definitely a “Must read” book. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s before you go. If you never want to tour the Pacific Ocean, this is a “Must read” book! You’ll be able to take the tour, via the book!”

Brian and Mary Alice O’Neill “I love your descriptions and your voice comes through so clearly.”

Ken Fitzgerald “Just finished your book. Loved it!! Thanks for telling your story and reminding me of mine.”

Mary Thornton “Wonderful! I really enjoyed it.”

Christina Marie Kimball “I’m popping up every 2 chapters to get my chores done then dive in to the next round of your storytelling. Thank you for writing your book.”

Jule Meyer “It is a true adventure!”

Kevin Reynolds “Overall, I was very impressed and am recommending the book to my friends, reading exerpts to my kids, and getting my Dad a copy for his birthday.”

Tom McIntyre “I am not a reader, but I have loved your book.”

Ben Capuco “Really fun to read.”

Deborah Fu Berkley “A very endearing read.”

John Harris “I’m just finishing your book. Great writing!”

Edie Felix “I made the mistake of showing your book to someone at work. She begged me to let her have it so she and her husband could start reading it. Now I need to get another copy.”

Eric Nystrom “The book was a wonderful read.”

Milo Coldren “My sister gave me your book for my birthday, and it’s the best present she ever gave me! You really have a wonderful writing style.”

Dawn Wilcox “I love the book. You write so well, and have such a good combination of keeping a thread of suspense (will they come back, get to Japan, throw each other off the boat ?) along with such openness as to your feelings, wrestling with change, interesting locations and bits of geography, history and humor.”

Walt and Meryl Conner “Walter and I have both finished your book and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was written with such candor and sense of humor. We found ourselves chuckling and identifying with many of your comical situations. We also were impressed with how you managed to deal with the adversities and challenges you faced. Many a sailor after some of your close calls might have said ‘enough is enough’ and headed on the next flight back home.”

Wendy Staley Colbert “A wonferful read – a fabulous travelogue.”

Deb & Kevin Moore “My husband and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for sharing your insights and stories. They have inspired and enlightened us both.”

Paul Salmas “Great book!”

Maureen “My husband has been reading your book and has barely spoken a word to me since he picked it up…he can’t put it down!”

Rolly Radwick “I just finished Tightwads on the Loose. A while back you stopped me on my way out of the Edmonds bookstore. You suggested I purchase your book and that I would like it. I did and I did. Thank you for taking a chance and getting my attention. A very good read.”

Janet Rogge “Splendid to the last dot! Tightwads is a tremendous book. You’ve achieved a perfect blend of excitement, novelty and human insight. Literally, I couldn’t put your writing aside; – stayed up too late many nights wondering how you and Garth were going to get out of whatever situation/nautical disaster you two had stumbled into.”

Molly Klupfell, Wooden Boat Chandlery Manager, “I read your book and loved it.”

Valerie Ryan, Owner Cannon Beach Book Company, “We put a Staff Favorite under the book and showcase it on the front table. You have a winner!”

Sherry Kytonin “Lose yourself in this adventure-filled story about fulfilling your dreams regardless of your budget.  I can hardly wait to follow in Wendy and Garth’s footsteps.”

Nora Leech “I sure enjoyed your book. Impresionante! You are an inspiration in your writing.”

Sandy Senter “I loved this book!  What an amazing adventure!”

Dave Kanzler “Got your book as a Christmas present and just finished.  Very enjoyable read, thank you for sharing your story.”

Randy Johnson “Wanted you to know I really enjoyed your book. Loved reading of your experiences and really liked your writing style.”

Steve Jefferies  “Met you briefly at the Boat Show and Women’s Boating seminar. Just finished your book. Great job. It was very well written, entertaining, and informative.”

Glenna Owens  ”You did a superb job of taking hundreds of passage making and people meeting stories and compress them into a very readable tale for both cruisers, armchair cruisers as well as people who enjoy real life adventure stories.”

Betsy Plotkin “I am lost in nostalgia and appreciation for the craft of your book.  Thank you for these hours of reliving the adventures.”

Chuck Corway  “Ordered it a few days ago and read it… great read!”

Michael Bradford “I just finished your book and wanted to tell you it was excellent. I have read EVERY cruising book from Slocum to Pardey to Hal Roth etc. Yours definitely is on the top of the very big pile of great cruising books.”

Fred Kalish “I finally got down my book stack to your book – and just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it very much.  I was fun to hear about your adventures and I thought you did a very good job presenting both the highs and lows of your voyage.”

Sheryl Willman “Amazing! Couldn’t put it down.”

Bryan Chapman “That was a fantastic read! You got mad skills girl. I’ve read several stories like yours but this one is by FAR the best written and most exciting modern sailing story.”

Sarah Shifley “My boyfriend, Ty, and I are both huge fans of Tightwads and enjoyed reading it very much! It’s been hugely inspiring, as has your blog.”

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