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Wendy Hinman is the award-winning author of two travel adventure books, Tightwads on the Loose, about her 7-year adventure around the Pacific, and Sea Trials, about her husband’s family’s circumnavigation of the globe despite a shipwreck their first year.

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Early Praise:
Named a Kirkus Best Book, Readers Favorite and Foreword Reviews Best Book.

“…The author’s expressive writing captures the wonder of being at sea in all its glory… her engaging narrative succeeds in capturing the thrills and frustrations of this intrepid family. Taking in remarkably far-flung destinations such as Christmas Island and the New Hebrides, this exhilarating book should appeal to any would-be explorer who has stood at the prow of a ship and dreamed of the possibilities. Highly readable and sufficiently evocative to sense the scent of sea air in the pages.—Kirkus Reviews (starred review). Named a Kirkus Best Book.

Sea Trials by Wendy Hinman named winner in Foreword Reviews Best Books of 2017.

Both Sea Trials and Tightwads on the Loose by Wendy Hinman named winners in Readers Favorite awards for Best Books. Read the five star review here:

Sea Trials by Wendy Hinman named a Finalist for the 2018 International Book Awards Best Books for Narrative Non-fiction.

“Hinman’s award-winning books, Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials, document both adventures with honesty, humor, and spirit. Both books are a blast to read.” –Seattle Review of Books

“A true life story that reads with all the drama of a deftly crafted novel, “Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire” by Wendy Hinman is an inherently fascinating read from cover to cover and will prove to be of special appeal to readers with an interest in real life adventure stories of the sea.” Midwest Book Review

Watch the presentation and interview with Wendy Hinman, filmed at St. Francis Yacht Club. She shares snippets from her sailing adventure stories.  Watch here:

Here‘s a link to a recording of a talk for the Ventura County Library.

Here’s a link to a recording of discussions with authors, including Susan Wiggs, Kevin O’Brien, George Shannon, and Nancy Horan at Book Lovers Night Out.

Wendy Hinman Q & A with Journalist and Author Deborah Kalb

Wendy Hinman Interview with author, editor, book coach, and educator Joy E. Held

Wendy Hinman is featured in an interview with the Authors Show. Broadcast through various platforms July 8, 2021.

Wendy Hinman featured in the Suburban Times. (

Sea Trials generates rave advance reviews from various reviewers and fellow authors. Read the advance editorial reviews here.

Shipwreck! Read an Excerpt of Sea Trials from Sail Magazine Dec 2017 issue.

Here’s an interview with author Wendy Hinman about her award-winning book Sea Trials, along with Garth Wilcox (one of the heroes of the story) on KSERfm Sound Living.  Listen to this in depth interview with thoughtful questions by Ed Bremer.

Book Review of Tightwads on the Loose in Mariana’s Variety, Micronesia’s largest newspaper: “I love an author who looks outward to notice the waterfalls and dance festivals, but at the same time looks inward to describe the personal transformation taking place, taking note of the way they both impact and are impacted by the people and places they experience. The book is a joy to read. I cannot wait to start her second book, “Sea Trials.” Enjoy “Tightwads on the Loose.” You will thank me. A whale of a tale!”

“Tightwads on the Loose is extremely amusing, written brilliantly with a sense of humor and from the author’s heart, with inspired chapter names that will give a hint of things to come. After the necessary introductions are made, the listener is pulled into an adventure that will take him to exotic locations, vividly described with color and insight.” AudiobookBlog (Read the full review here.)

Read the interview with, in which Tightwads on the Loose is described as “a book that has become something of a cult classic amongst the literary world of cruising sailors.”

Both of Wendy Hinman’s seafaring tales featured among boating classics in Lattitudes & Attitudes Magazine.

Called a “Badass” in blog: Wit and Wisdom with Wendy Hinman: Interview by Skipper Jenn

“Hinman’s storytelling does well to connect her reader to the family’s journey – the ups and downs of sailing on a big ocean (of which there are plenty), the trials of negotiating unfamiliar cultures across a variety of countries as they follow their route, the confined quality of life for four people aboard a small yacht with only one partially-operating head. The Wilcox’s story is both fulfilling and heartbreaking. One cannot help but become emotionally enthralled by this endeavoring group as they take their knocks and reap the rewards from a life hard-earned in an unforgiving environment.”  Good Old Boat Magazine Review by David McDaniel

Sea Trials garners another glowing review in Voyages Magazine.

Sea Trials is featured in Northwest Yachting’s 2017 Gift Guide. Read the full Sea Trials review in Northwest Yachting here.

Sea Trials is featured in the IBPA 2017 Gift Guide.

In the Coast Weekend Arts and Entertainment issue, Bookmonger Barbara Lloyd McMichael describes Sea Trials as “a remarkable story about perseverance.” Read the full review here.

Turning Point on KNKX Sound Effect features the shipwreck that changed everything for the Wilcox family. Listen here.

“Riveting. Sea Trials is impossible to put down until the nail-biting end.” Cruising World Magazine. Read the full review, here.

“Sea Trials is a captivating narrative, full of suspense and colorful descriptions” Sailing Magazine

“Even armchair sailors will feel their hearts race with the Wilcox family in the cockpit of their 40’ Maine pinky, VELA. Hinman delivers another book to let you sail away.” — Wooden Boat Magazine

“An Extraordinary Voyage. … Absorbing … Hinman brings the same meticulous research and attention to detail in her first book to “Sea Trials,” engagingly drawing readers into the daily trials and family dynamics that shaped the Wilcoxes’ taxing journey.” Three Sheets Northwest

Live Radio interview with KPTZ about Sea Trials on April 28, 2017. Listen here for hour 2.

Listen to a sample audio clip of Tightwads on the Loose for a taste of our first experience venturing offshore at the start of what became a 7-year pacific odyssey. You can buy the audio version of Tightwads on the Loose here.

Tightwads on the Loose a top seller!
#1 Magnolia Bookstore
#8 Third Place Books
#2 Travel book on Amazon.
Top 100 of all books on Amazon, plus brisk sales
Selected a staff favorite at many bookstores.
A favorite among librarians.

Tightwads selected as a best travel book for women! Top 125 best travel books for women.

Winner, Journey Award. Journey Awards LogoTightwads on the Loose wins the Journey Award for Best True Life Adventure Story.

During the 40th Annual Wooden Boat Festival, KPTZ’s radio hosts Phil Andrus and Steve Evans conducted a live interview with Wendy Hinman, author of the award winning book, Tightwads on the Loose. Listen to the segment here. Wendy Hinman with KPTZ at Wooden Boat Festival

Interview with Creative Human Solutions StoryJacker about turning your dreams into reality.

Interview with KSER’s Ed Bremer on Sound Living.

“Wendy Hinman is an accomplished storyteller.  Tightwads on the Loose, her memoir, will captivate you.” Dana Greyson, Cruising World Magazine, January 2015. To see the full article, visit WEH Cruising World Jan 2015

Sheila Bender in Conversation with Wendy Hinman on Writing it Real on KPTZ. Listen to the podcast here.

Write up in the CapeCodPulse.

“Tightwads on the Loose; a Seven Year Pacific Odyssey vividly details the highs and lows of life at sea and at port. It will definitely appeal for those who are curious about sea voyaging. Armchair travelers will find a diversity of cultural experiences, historical details, and adventures for their entertainment and education. Come on board and sail away with the intrepid Wendy Hinman and her humorous and ingenious insights about life at sea.” Chanticleer Book Reviews (Read the full review here.) Read about it in the Chanticleer Magazine.

Sailing Magazine calls Tightwads on the Loose “Charming” and “a pleasure to read.” Read the full review here.

Listen to the Sailing Podcast Interview with Wendy Hinman.

During the Strictly Sail Boat Show in Richmond California, Wendy Hinman spoke with reporter Cindy Warner. Read the full article here. (

The Michigan Daily Editor Katie Burke shares our story with Readers. Read the online profile here. (

Cape News.

Kingston Wicked News.

Tightwads on the Loose is featured in PNWA Holiday Catalog.

Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) in its November 2013 review calls Tightwads an honestly-written and entertaining true life tale. Read the full review here: SSCA Review Nov 2013

The Ensign review of Tightwads says,  ”Interesting ports of call and lively writing make this an entertaining tale.”

Front page article in the Kitsap Sun.

Profile in the Bainbridge Islander.

48North March 2013 Interview

A profile in Yes! Magazine finds our simple life at sea intriguing. Profile in Yes Magazine

A review in Voyages Magazine calls Tightwads “an entertaining book” and says “descriptions of temples, typhoons and terrifying shiisas are beautifully expressed.  The reviewer goes on to say “Hinman gives us an opportunity to experience parts of the Pacific that are on a path less traveled. I finished her book with salt spray on my cheeks and a strong desire to see Japan.”

Video Interview with Seattle PI reporter Jack Olmstead.
Reposted after the footage accidentally was deleted here. Here’s a link to a follow up interview in Sept 2013 with roving Seattle PI reporter Jack Olmstead.

A radio interview with KPTZ Compass news magazine in Port Townsend.

A podcast with Dan Mattson from Hooked on Wooden Boats.

Coverage in the Bellingham Herald.

Peninsula Daily News stories about the Wooden Boat Festival and PT Shorts, featuring Steven Callahan, Lin Pardey and Wendy Hinman. Read the Peninsula Daily News Stories about the PT Shorts and the Wooden Boat Festival.

“I suffered from wanderlust after reading Seattleite Wendy Hinman’s fascinating sailing saga Tightwads on the Loose: A Seven Year Pacific Odyssey. Her tropical escape with her husband back and forth across the Pacific, is a great ride for armchair sailors (me) and experts alike.”  Candace Dempsey, author of Murder in Italy, about the Amanda Knox Trial.

Tightwads on the Loose is an engaging, fast-paced memoir by author Wendy Hinman. Hinman shares her seven year Pacific odyssey from Seattle to Japan and back.” Wanderlust and Lipstick’s Wanderboomer.

A profile in the March 2013 48North.
Edmonds News announcement of presentation to EPIC Writers at the Edmonds Library.

A Review on Women &

Seattle Times article about my talk at Ignite Seattle!

A profile in Sail Magazine, September 2012.

In Yachting’s November 2012 issue, David Schmidt tells of our heartbreaking delay after 46 days of sailing non-stop across the cold North Pacific from Japan due to a foul bottom and a raging storm.

Front page profile in the Bainbridge Review.

Another nice write up on the blog Domesticus from Journalist Teresa Meeks.

An interview with UW’s Continuing Education Program

A radio interview with NPR station KUOW about the difficulty of returning after cruising for seven-years. A new person in an old place (

San Francisco Book Review: ““A light-hearted tone and unaffected style make this an entertaining tale.” SFO Book Review- August2012

“Dreams of freedom and adventure: For most people, they remain just that — dreams. For certain others, like Wendy Hinman and Garth Wilcox, such dreams are the stuff life is. In 2000 the couple set sail from Puget Sound for a Pacific Odyssey in their 31-foot cutter, Velella. Seven years later, the couple returned home. Along the way, they logged some 34,000 nautical miles, touched 19 countries, endured typhoons, experienced close calls with freighters, potential pirates and phantom night vessels, swam in snake and crocodile infested waters and made do without refrigeration and Internet. A compelling read, “Tightwads on the Loose: a Seven Year Pacific Odyssey” flows as an adventure narrative with a “you are there” flavor. Ms. Hinman had done plenty of professional writing before the voyage: She’s as competent with the written word as she is at sea. And she clearly has a sense of humor — a necessary, conjugal survival tool within the confines of a 31-foot boat small enough to prevent her husband from standing straight up.” Mike Dillon, Magnolia News

“Lively, thoughtful and entertaining, “Tightwads on the Loose” offers a realistic glimpse into the ups and downs of living the cruising dream. Armchair sailors can enjoy the ride, while aspiring voyagers will appreciate Hinman’s honesty. She aptly demonstrates that like most worthwhile pursuits, long-distance voyaging is far from easy, and that’s a large part of what makes it so satisfying.” Three Sheets Northwest

For more book reviews, please visit the Tightwads Reviews page.

Radio interview on KUOW WendyHinman A New Person in an Old Place

Tips for Offshore Cruising Interview

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