Below are some articles written by Wendy Hinman:

Velella: A Boat and Her Legacy

Pandemic Boatbuilding

Which anchor to choose? Here’s data from someone who tested our anchor along with many others in a variety of conditions. Thanks to Steve Goodwin.

The star of Tightwads, Velella, is profiled in Three Sheets Northwest.

A profile of Wendy Hinman in 48North (September 2012).

Into the Slippery Mist, Pacific Yachting

10 Tips for Voyaging on the Cheap, Three Sheets Northwest

Docking without a hitch, Three Sheets Northwest

An Article Wendy Hinman wrote about the Hecate Ranger, a former BC Forest Ranger Workboat transformed into a stately pleasure craft. March 2018

Seemed like a good idea at the time … a funny article in Pacific Yachting, Good Idea Gone Wrong, about painting in my underwear, and then spilling it everywhere … February 2018

An Article Wendy Hinman wrote about the Thunderbird, a Northwest Classic for Northwest Yachting. September 2016

An Article Wendy Hinman wrote about trawlers, Origin of the Species for Northwest Yachting. July 2016

Building a Nesting Dinghy Voyages Mag 2014, Voyages Magazine

Building a Keelboat-Hauling Trailer, Voyages Magazine

Wendy’s review of Herb McCormick’s book “As Long As It’s Fun.” (

We Came to Say

Wendy and the cover of We Came to Say

An essay by Wendy Hinman is featured in the book: We Came to Say: A Collection of Memoir. Book launched August 24, 2011 at Third Place Books. Click here for purchase details.

Wendy is the editor for the Writers Connection newsletter. Each month we feature an interview with an established author or publishing industry insider. Past interviews have featured New York Times best selling authors Garth Stein and Erik Larson, plus Mary Guterson, Jim Lynch, and Carol Cassella. Learn how reknowned writers honed their craft and made their way towards publishing success. Click here to subscribe to the Writers Connection newsletter.

One of Wendy’s pieces, The (Almost) Final Frontier, won a 2011 Solas award for best travel writing.

Here’s a recent interview Wendy Hinman did about her 34,000-mile seven year trip, on a site which also features interesting interviews with famous cruising sailors, like Lynn and Larry Pardey, Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger. Full story here.

Visit Wendy Hinman’s blog, Velella’s Adventures in Waterworld, for windblown tales of saltwater and corrosion from her seven year 34,000-mile odyssey around the Pacific plus tips for prospective bluewater cruisers, which have inspired countless others also inflicted with wanderlust.

An article Wendy wrote about sailing in Japan is featured in Voyages Magazine.

An article Wendy wrote about Building a Keelboat Hauling Trailer on a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands is featured in Voyages Magazine.

Wendy was invited to guest blog for Writing is My Drink, by Huffington Post contributor and author of How to Sleep Alone in a King Sized Bed, Theo Pauline Nestor. Visit her post here.

Wendy Hinman writes regularly for 48 North Magazine, and Latitude 38. Here’s a link to Wendy’s articles in Latitude 38. Here’s a link to Wendy’s articles in 48 North Magazine.

Her articles have also been published in Hebe Jebees (Hong Kong).

Wendy and Garth’s story has been featured twice in Kazi Magazine, Japan’s national sailing magazine. November 2002 and October 2007.

Some of Wendy’s updates about their voyage have been featured on the Corinthian Yacht Club website and Leadline publications.

Some of her older work can be found on the website, which also syndicated the content to a myriad of other sites. Most of these articles featured time sensitive information.

Below are some stories she’s authored:

**The journey undertaken by Wendy Hinman and Garth Wilcox has often been cited as an example of cruising simply by the editors of Latitude 38 Magazine.

Below are PDFs of some stories she’s authored for 48 North:

Wendy shares book marketing tips with Book Publishers Network here:

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