More great reviews for Sea Trials

“In a time before cell phones and laptops, the Wilcox family set out to sail around the world, but after a shipwreck, their adventure takes a dramatic detour. Thrilling, poignant, and hilarious moments surface as this family struggles to cope with each other, repair the wreck and most of all, to keep going. The only thing missing are recipes for their extreme-budget meals!” — Debra Daniels-Zeller, author of The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook

“A satisfying read about the costs and rewards of human endeavor and the effects they have on a family.” — Jan Burak Schwert, author of Geezers’ Guide to the Galaxy: A Lifetime of Travel Encounters

“A nail-biting adventure story with thought-provoking lessons for today’s sailors.”— Elsie Hulsizer, author of Voyages to Windward and Glaciers, Bears and Totems

“Hinman has written a compelling story of a family’s quest to sail around the world, a trip that starts with equal parts of hope and hubris and becomes a survival tale as the family surmounts one obstacle after another to keep their ship afloat.” — Sharon L. Morris, adventure travel writer

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