Wendy Hinman to Premiers her New Book at CYC San Francisco

Wendy Hinman discusses and premiers her new book, Sea Trials at Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco. Thursday, April 13, 7pm.

The Wilcoxes returned home to San Francisco in 1978 to media fanfare after a five year adventure, during which they rebuilt the boat, and faced daunting obstacles from wild weather to threats from pirates, gun boats, mines and thieves, a broken rig, scurvy and starvation.

“This true story of the Wilcox family is completely riveting and simultaneously insanely frustrating – which means it’s a great book! Hinman’s attention to little details like family squabbles and disagreements or stop-gap repairs make the whole trip vivid and real and their concerns intense. . . . you are intensely caught up in the family’s decisions and dilemmas while they are facing them and can sympathize with their recurrent optimism and desire to achieve their goal. Sea Trials immerses you in the Wilcox’s world as you share their great adventure, for good and ill. It is an adventure that, for readers, is well worth the trip.”— San Francisco Book Review

Wendy Hinman is married to the teenage hero of Sea Trials, Garth Wilcox. Her first book, Tightwads on the Loose, tells the story of their 34,000-mile 7-year voyage aboard a 31-foot boat. Wendy learned to sail at 6, has been sailing, racing, teaching sailing and telling inspiring stories about it ever since.

As a special treat, Garth Wilcox will join her in sharing his epic story.

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