Wendy Hinman to share Sea Stories with Klein High School in Houston, TX

Wendy Hinman will share Sea Stories with students at Klein High School in Houston, TX on Tuesday March 20. According to their posts and their English teacher, Kylee Nau, they are very excited to find out more about this family that was shipwrecked a year into their voyage.

Sea Stories: Exploring the World Under Sail

Imagine setting off aboard a small sailboat, living off the grid for years, and being shipwrecked at 14!
Wendy Hinman, award winning author, will share adventures afloat from a nearly disastrous voyage around the world. After the family was rescued, they rebuilt the boat and finished sailing the rest of the way around the world, quite a feat considering the obstacles they faced.

From teacher Kylee Nau:

“I read some bits of your interview to my 1st period class this morning after hanging up the posters [about our assembly] and their jaws dropped! I have several sign-ups already from that class alone.”
And the day before the event: “We’ve been reading the Prologue in all of my classes today and the kids are stoked!”

Contact Wendy Hinman for a school visit today.

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