Wendy Hinman to collect Readers Favorites Award at the Miami Book Fair

Award-winning author Wendy Hinman will collect another award at the Miami Book Fair. Readers Favorites has bestowed awards on both her titles, Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire and Tightwads on the Loose: A Seven-Year Pacific Odyssey. That’s two for two!

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Wendy Hinman’s seafaring tales featured among the classics

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Wit and Wisdom with Wendy Hinman: Interview by Skipper Jenn

I have been enjoying blogposts by Jenn Harkness, AKA Skipper Jenn, about women and sailing for the last couple of years. She has tackled some of the challenges women face as skippers and sailors, taking on leadership roles in an arena recognized for being technical and physical and being dominated by males. She offers a refreshing perspective and sense of humor, starting with her hilarious logo and the name of her boat, Poop Deck. She has begun a new series of interviews with women sailors she admires. I was flattered to be her first choice for an interview. From there she blew me away with her flattering accolades, calling me a “badass.” But what made her interview so fun and interesting for me is the areas she probed and the questions she asked.

Here’s a snippet:
At the Port Townsend women’s panel Wendy made a comment I have turned over in my head many times. She said, “You really discover who you are out there.” I finally was able to ask her, what did you mean by that? Her answer was so complete and eloquent I have it here in full. “In society we spend our time being daughters, sisters, mothers, coworkers, spouses; our life is in relation to others. When we are out there sailing, we are more in relation to ourselves and nature than anything. So, it’s a chance to redefine who we are outside of our relationship to others. There is so much time to think about what is important, what feeds our soul. To appreciate nature and what’s going on right now, you can find an inner peace that comes from just being rather than doing. Rather than performing or trying to be perfect, you can live in the moment…”

Read the rest here.


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Wendy Hinman Interviews with Robert Cocuzzo, Author of Road to San Donato

“The Road to San Donato by Robert Cocuzzo is a moving multi-generational American immigrant story. A powerful meditation on the complexities of war, refugee and immigrant experiences.” Wendy Hinman for Foreword Reviews (Read her full review in Foreword Reviews here.)

Reviewer Wendy Hinman Interviews Robert Cocuzzo, Author of The Road to San Donato: Fathers, Sons, and Cycling Across Italy.

WENDY HINMAN: While your book is a travel memoir of cycling through hill-country in Italy, it is also about many other things: the refugee/immigrant experience; the parent-child relationship, responsibility, and the meaning of love; the ravages and uncertainties of war and the meaning of sacrifice and guilt; and dealing with our own personal gremlins. It’s a pilgrimage and a journey of self-discovery but also one of forging a deeper bond with the people who know us best yet challenge us the most—family. What did you find most difficult about your journey? Was it the logical challenges, the bikes breaking down or your bodies protesting such a punishing schedule or was it the dynamics of your relationship with your father and your ailing grandfather or what you might discover in San Donato that worried you most?

ROBERT COCUZZO: With any adventure, you’re going to be tested. On a subconscious level, that’s really why you go: to put yourself in a situation that shakes you out of your normal routine and allows you to discover new depths within yourself. The 425-mile cycling trip I embarked on with my father certainly posed a whole host of physical and logistical challenges, but the real tests were far more mental and emotional.

Before we left the States, I anxiously pondered how my relationship with my father would fare when thrust into a set of extreme circumstances. Would we flourish or flounder? Would we return home with a new level of communication or would we never speak to one another again? Navigating our relationship, both while pedaling the bike and then writing the book, proved to be the greatest adventure of them all.

WENDY HINMAN: Through travel, we often learn about ourselves as we face challenges along the way. Situations force us to draw upon inner resources we didn’t know we had and face our fears. In my seven-year sailing voyage, I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do and discovered a bolder person than I had known before. What surprised you most about this journey and how it affected you personally? In what ways did this trip catch you unprepared?

ROBERT COCUZZO: Whether it’s blind optimism or willful ignorance, I have a habit of simply assuming things are all going to work out. When we set off on this wild adventure, there were so many questions surrounding our preparedness that I was willing to simply let go unanswered. Were we physically capable of cycling the distance we had planned? Would we be able to figure out how to navigate hundreds of miles from Florence to a tiny little pinprick on the map? Would we even be able to find rental bikes that would be suitable for this kind of long-distance ride? Suffice it to say, there were a lot blind spots that could have caused us to crash.

Ultimately, it was my own physical deterioration that surprised me most. My body began failing to the point where I thought I’d just have to stop. In those moments, when I was in the deepest, darkest reaches of my pain cave, I thought about the book Touching the Void, the true story of a climber who falls into a crevasse and decides that his only way towards survival is to climb deeper into the abyss. So it was for me. Through suffering I became stronger. The key was that I had to keep moving.

MORE >>>

Read the full interview from Foreword Reviews here.

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Coming soon! Tightwads on the Loose in Audio!

Exciting news! The audio version of Tightwads on the Loose is coming! Readers have been enjoying this story for years in paperback and as an eBook and it has been a consistently strong seller. It has garnered rave reviews from many readers and been named a best book multiple times. Now those who prefer to hear a story with their ears rather than take it in through tired eyes can also enjoy it. As children, we all loved when someone read us a story. Why not enjoy the same means of opening our imaginations as adults?

Author Wendy Hinman is excited to share her phenomenal story through audio, thanks to the incredible storytelling talents of our narrator, Robin Karno. Robin’s enthusiasm and excitement has made the process of bringing this story alive so much fun. Not only has she been a fabulous collaborator, she has a pleasing voice, great comedic timing, and a talent for capturing the flavor of the voyage and the accents of the cultures that this traveling duo visit in their 34,000-mile journey around the Pacific aboard a small sailboat.
Now the whole family can listen to this engaging, award-winning story of travel adventures with Wendy and Garth.

The Tightwads on the Loose audio book will be available for purchase through most audio book retailers.

Once you pick up a copy, you can relax and listen to the story unfold as many times as you wish!

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Review of The Road to San Donato by Robert Cocuzzo

The Road to San Donato by Robert Cocuzzo is a moving multi-generational American immigrant story. A powerful meditation on the complexities of war, refugee and immigrant experiences.” Wendy Hinman for Foreword Reviews

Read the full review in Foreword Reviews here: https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/the-road-to-san-donato/

Stay tuned for Wendy Hinman’s interview with author Robert Cocuzzo in an upcoming issue of Foreword Reviews.

Here’s a link to all her reviews: https://www.forewordreviews.com/search/?q=wendy+hinman. There you can find many of her other favorite recent discoveries, including Cooperative Lives and On Wings of a Lion.

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Tightwads on the Loose wins Readers Favorite Book Awards!

Great news to brighten a rainy week!
Tightwads on the Loose Silver Winner Readers Favorites

“This book is the next best thing to going on a seven-year odyssey itself!”

Read the review here: https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/tightwads-on-the-loose.

Stand by for more news on the audio version of this popular travel adventure.

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Wendy Hinman at the Wooden Boat Festival 2019

Over 300 gorgeous wooden boats, 120 presentations, dozens of exhibitors, live music all day every day, great food and camaraderie. Don’t miss this fun event in Port Townsend September 5-8, 2019.

Photo of Wooden Boat Festival

Photo courtesy of the NW Maritime Center Port Townsend

Come to see the boats, stay for the engaging seminars from renowned speakers from all over the world.

For more details about this annual classic Port Townsend festival, please visit: https://nwmaritime.org/wooden-boat-festival/

Wendy Hinman will be sharing her humor and lively stories along with her wisdom gleaned from many years of racing and cruising many thousands of miles on all sorts of boats. As a bonus, Wendy will be part of a phenomenal gathering of offshore women sailors will have a lively discussion led by Ace Spragg and also featuring Lin Pardey, Nancy Erley, Tiffany Looney, and Theresa Carey. Come hear their insights and experiences. This is going to be a Festival Highlight – rarely do you get this many extraordinary women sailors in the same place at the same time! https://2019woodenboatfestival.sched.com/

Here’s the full schedule of presentations:

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Flashback on Ocean Planet with Bruce Schwab

Flashback fun: Here’s a clip of an interview and boat tour with Bruce Schwab, who Garth and I helped prepare for the Southern Ocean during the Around Alone Race stopover in New Zealand. As my audio book narrator prepares this chapter of Tightwads on the Loose, I am going through a bit of nostalgia and thought I’d share this memory. It was a great experience being shore crew and I still love catching up with Bruce at the boat shows.


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Wendy Hinman Reviews Books for Foreword Reviews

Wendy Hinman writes book reviews for Foreword and Clarion Reviews. Here’s a link to all her reviews.

Among her favorite discoveries:

Cooperative Lives by Patrick Finegan
A literary novel set in New York City: “Ambitious and sophisticated, Cooperative Lives is a diverse and gorgeous tapestry of character studies” with a twist. Read the full review here: https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/cooperative-lives/

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